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Hike of the "Marmots"

Upon exiting the hotel take hotel take the asphalt road that goes to the San Bartholomew Hospice; we recommend a small detour in the “Tonale peat bog”, the b portion (a site of community interest), in which one can observe rare floral species such as carnivorous plants: drosera rotundifolia, pinguicola alpina and many other species. Then retrace your steps and return to the main road leading to the Valbiolo farm, where it is common to catch glimpses of marmots and hear their characteristic whistle of alarm when they notice our presence. We often will need to “give the right of way” to the brown alpine cows, which heedless of our passing graze on the valley's rich pastures. Scattered about here and there, the typical alpine manor farms recall to mind the farming roots of these lands. The shepherds of the pasture will have the food lovers try the casolet cheese, protected by Slow Food and the pride and joy of the gastronomy of our zone. Continuing on our path, if we're lucky, the queen of the skies, the eagle, will favor us with its bold and elegant flight. We can keep going on this easy hike until the Valbiolo farm, or return following the comfortable trail n 111 along the ski slope.
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