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"Tour of Forts" (Giro dei forti)

This path shows us places full of memories of the First World War. Immersed in nature which guards the wounds and sufferings from that time, we pass through trails and mule paths that lead to trenches and forts built by the Austro-Hungarian troops to defend the southwestern border of their empire.
Starting from the San Bartolomeo Hospice one takes the road that goes towards the Valbiolo farm to Trail n.161 which climbs steeply. After about an hour and forty minutes, passing the Tonale Orientale mountain (2696 mt), one reaches the “Dead City” (Città morta). This silent place, beloved of chamois and mountain goats, is enchanting despite its unhappy name, given because of its past as a military outpost submerged by avalanches.
Continuing one descends intercepting Trail 137/a, until its intersection with n.137. Next we take Trail n. 160, where traces of place's military past are evident.
Upon reaching Fort Saccarana we can get a magnificent view of the Tonale Pass, Monticelli and the Presena Glacier, places on the border between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. We continue in our descent on the former military road which, after several returns into wild nature takes us to Fort Mero. Following this stop, we return by the vehicular road, tired, but perhaps more aware of the meaning of peace.

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