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Massaggi Ayurvedici

Dalla cultura tradizionale indiana ci vengono trasmessi i massaggi ayurvedici ayu=vita veda=conoscenza, utilizzati prevalentemente per mantenere il corpo inteso come struttura ed anima, donando una miglior qualità di vita.
Manipolazioni lente ed armoniose che agiscono in profondità sul nostro corpo e la nostra mente per ritrovare un delicatissimo equilibrio, donando un rilassamento interiore profondo, rafforzando il sistema immunitario.
Agiscono sui 7 chakra, punti energetici di fondamentale importanza che, purtroppo i ritmi di vita e lo stress vanno ad alterare.


A traditional Ayurvedic massage performed with warm sesame oil, it helps rebalance the body, purifying it deeply from built up toxins and tension. It helps one to sleep better, and relaxes the nervous system imbuing it with new vital energy.

50 minutes €60,00


A complete Ayurvedic massage, it includes also an Abhianga massage, a relaxing and regenerating facial massage and shower of warm sesame oil that slides slowly from the forehead through the hair for a enveloping and calming scalp massage. It helps you to reach a state of profound and unforgettable wellness bringing about deeply felt harmony.

75 minutes € 75,00 - 80,00


A Ayurvedic massage that consists in rhythmically dripping pleasantly warm sesame oil in the middle of the forehead, the zone of the "third eye," this stimulation works to calm the central nerves of the brain, leading to a pleasant and relaxing sensations, thus helping to clear one's mind. It's recommended for those suffering from insomnia, headaches, accumulated tension and stress... it purifies the mind, reestablishing the body's equilibrium.

45 minutes €40,00


Ayurvedic massage with warm rolls of aromatic herbs. Rhythmic rubbing which together with the aromatherapy create a unique sensory experience.
It helps foster a union between spirit and mind, and gives one a moment of psychic-physical abandon.

50 minutes €60,00


An energy massage, it encourages the rhythm of blood and lymphatic circulation, ideal for after intense sportive activity as it helps eliminate lactic acid, providing unforgettable benefit.

50 min € 50,00


An energy massage which concentrates on the back, ideal for dissolving contractions derived from poor posture and muscle tension. It can also focus on the legs in order to help blood and lymphatic circulation, eliminating lactic acid for a feeling of lightness.

25 min €30,00


A massage dedicated to the feet and ankles, it helps the drainage, and stimulates the return of circulation giving vigor to the lower arteries.

20 min € 20,00
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