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Finnische Sauna

Sauna is an ancient Finnish word which probably originally referred to a winter dwelling. Inside the temperature of 70 to 90 degrees and the humidity around 10-20% favor the loss of toxins through perspiration. The effect is visible even to the naked eye as the skin is much more naturally beautiful afterwards. During a sauna session the metabolism and the heart rate increase, the blood vessels dilate and the blood becomes more viscous, helping the circulation in the body.


In respect to the classic method this sauna heats the body in a different way, infrared rays penetrate up to 4 cm deep and raise the body's internal temperature without the need to heat excessively the cabin itself. This treatment has the effect of weight loss, during a session the body loses not only liquids but fats as well, which are expelled with sweat; the benefits don't end here however, in addition to relieving pain, the heat helps heal muscles by disposing more quickly lactic acid.

Türkisches Bad

It belongs to the ancient tradition of purifying baths. Inside the bath the amount of vapor is higher than the quantity of water present in the epidermis, so that a layer of humidity forms on the skin which brings heat to the body. The simultaneous action of the vapor and the controlled heat helps the lymphatic blood circulation dissolving toxins and helping to expel them by perspiration. The vapors, enriched by aromatic eucalyptus essence, have a beneficial effect for people suffering from respiratory problems.


The salutary property of heat and of high degrees of humidity are associated with pleasant aromatization. This synergy allows for the purification of the body and liberation of the mind.
The aromatic essences of green apple, lily, orange and lavender can be chosen by you via an integrated system inside the cabin, thus creating a cloud of perfumed pleasure which, accompanied by the reflections of color therapy, form a rainbow of pleasure.
Particularly useful for respiratory activity, the Aromarium is allow effective for stimulating the skin, not to mention spiritual relaxation.


Water is one of the most powerful means of re-equilibrating our nervous, circulatory and muscular systems.
This must have been the way of thinking of Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) as well, who was the inventor of this treatment: alternating between hot and cold water has an effect, through vasodilation and vasoconstriction, that stimulated the blood circulation of the feet. The movement from one tub to another stimulated the muscles which contracting squeeze the blood vessels thereby facilitating circulation.


This consists of little ice crystals to be spread on your temples and wrist at the end of a session in the cabins, with the goal of closing the pores of the skin to purify it.

Tropical Shower

A shower of drops and lateral jets aromatized with maracuja recall the showers in a tropical rainforest... The temperature of around 45° is suitable for preparing yourself for a dip in the whirlpool spa.

Cold Mist Shower

A pleasant mist with mint fragrance, it's particularly recommended as a thermal shock after a session in our cabins, for the bold it's also possible to use, upon request, the cold lateral jets as well.

Whirlpool Spa

Sitting below a dome of the starry sky and surrounded by Roman statues, is a spa fully equipped with jets, hydromassage and scalp massagers, the temperature of around 36° is ideal for warming up after a day on the slopes.

Thermal-relax Beds

The name says it all, the temperature reaches 38° and the coverings are enriched by mosaics in stone.
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