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Poppono's Miniclub

Hi my name is Poppono, the coolest hippo of all the Alps!!!
What do you mean there is not much competition? You’re right! You’ll see that with me and with our staff you’ll have a great time while your parents will be able to relax in our Spa or enjoy some good time on the snowy slopes.

Here at my home, at the Sporting hotel, we have a brand new play area* of 70 sqm (750 sqft) with lots of fun stations for kids from 3 to 12 years, with a Playground, control tower, toy kitchens, drawing tables, kids restrooms and many games!

And it’s not all, we have more to offer for the joy of the little ones; just outside we have a wonderful Smurfs’ home with a slide and a swing that all the kids can enjoy.

Also our swimming pools have an area dedicated to the small guests: a colorful pool, full of playful drawings of animals and gnomes, with baby dance music playing their preferred tunes. A water mushroom creates a waterfall above many floating toys and a heated bench offers a cozy spot to relax. This area is the best to enjoy the snow in its melted form :)

Our miniclub is open from 9.00 to 19.00 and from 20.30 to 22.00 (it’s possible for the kids to have lunch with the miniclub staff, upon request). In winter we can bring your kids to the group ski classes (between 11.00 and 13.00) and can pick them up once their class is over.

There are also activities outside the baby area: at least once a week our staff will bring the kids with them to the pools of the “Acqua Montana Wellness”. In summer we arrange an easy walk to our chalet, where a grill prepares tasty food for our small champions. In winter we bring the kids in the garden behind the hotel to build wonderful snowmen.

Kids can’t miss our tasty pizza party (organized during the gala dinner to allow mom and dad to have some cozy time and to allow all the kids to eat together), the sweet Nutella party and, of course, the evergreen baby dance event after dinner!

Speaking of dinner, also our restaurant is kids friendly! In fact we have a baby menu full of foods that our little ones love! And of course, if they prefer, they can order from the same list of mom and dad :)

What about the smaller ones? No problem! We have many high chairs, offer the possibility to anticipate dinner time (15-20 minutes) and our kitchen staff is available to prepare special meals, like broth, small pasta and vegetable soup.

For kids under 3 years it is also possible to book the babysitting service at 8€ per hour.

*Our baby area, available for kids up to 12 years, is divided in three zones:
A miniclub indoor of 70 sqm (170 sqft) fully equipped with:
• Soft anti-shock floor;
• Soft 2 story playground, with soft obstacles to jump and skip, an enchanted forest, boxes, tunnels and areas to climb, slide and play with friends;
• Climbing structure with 2 slides for the smaller ones;
• Kitchens for the little girls that want to play and prepare a wonderful lunch;
• Mini tables to draw and play with building blocks;
• Air hockey for exciting games;
• Changing rooms;
• Kids restrooms with changing station;
• Movie area;
• Protected edges to avoid injuries;
• Seating area for parents that want to control their kids;
• Balls and many other toys.

Outdoor area on the terrace equipped with:
• Smurfs house;
• Baby slide;
• Baby swing.

Pool zone of 60 sqm (645 sqft) with:
• 16 smq pool (172 sqft) with water height of 50 cm and temperature of 34°C (93 F), with a nice mushroom shaped waterfall;
• Heated benches;
• Kids shower;
• Water toys and playful decorations of Poppono and his friends from the forest.

Have fun playing!!!

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