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Plantar reflexology

Our body is on our feet and in our feet is our health; plantar reflexology is a special type of foot message that helps to equilibrate our body energetically, taking into a consideration a person in his or her entirety. Coupled with this is soothing massage of the legs and back. If need be it can be of help as emergency care.

50 min € 50,00


Legs and groin 60 minuti € 35
Half legs and groin 30 minuti € 25
Half leg 30 minuti € 20
Armpits 15 minuti € 10
Groin 15 minuti € 10
Arms 15 minuti € 15
Eyebrows 15 minuti € 10
Moustaches 5 minuti € 5
Chest 30 minuti € 20
Back 30 minuti € 20
Full depilation 60 minuti € 55

Manicure & pedicure

Manicure 30 minutes € 25
Manicure and french 45 minutes € 40
Pedicure 60 minutes € 45
Pedicure and french 70 minutes € 55

Facial cleasening

This treatment consists in the cleasening and exfoliation of the skin, a deep cleaning completed by a regenerating facial massage that stimulates the
circulation and relaxes the muscles for total and lasting wellness.

60 minutes € 55,00


Intensive anti-aging facial treamtent

A treatment with an extraordinary power to lift, tone and hydrate. Thanks to the excellent active principles provided by nature, such as the proteins from milk, extracts of rose, horsetail and iris, all with powerful toning and smoothing properties, this treatment nourishes deeply, redensifying contours and giving the face and neck renewed luminosity and tonicity.      
55 minutes  €60,00

Sensitive skin treatment

The smoothing and protective power of our natural softening extracts derived from mountain hay together with the effects of licorice, chamomile, lemon balm and red grape create a winning combination to combat the blemishes resulting from the small problems of surface microcirculation, such as telangiectasia, capillary inflammation fragility and excessive sensitivity.
Delicate products that will decongest your face, protecting it from climatic and environmental factors, for a marked hydrating and smoothing effect.

55 minutes € 55,00

Purifying treatment

Designed for damaged, weak or oily skin. With natural burdock and viola extracts of strong purifying effects, this treatment delicately cleanses the skin, normalizes the production of oil, produces smooth and shiny skin.

60 minutes € 60,00

Intensive hydrating treatment

Created for dry, peeling and cracked skin, this treatment restores elasticity and softness producing noticeable and lasting hydration thanks to the natural extracts of the proteins of milk, distilled water from the cornflower, mineral salts, zinc, potassium and flavonoids.
Powerful antioxidant, invigorating, depurative and soothing effects, it's ideal for all types of skin that are stressed, worn out and prematurely aged.

55 minutes € 55,00


Nourishing and hydrating treatment for dry and stressed skin, it cleanses and nourishes the skin helping it to find its natural luminosity.

30 minutes

Body Peeling

Complete cleaning for the skin, it renews the skin cells and stimulates the circulation, ideal for before sunbathing or upon returning from the sea to give the skin a new luminosity.

30 minutes € 30,00
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