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Strefa dla dzieci, przygotowana dla naszych najmłodszych gości do 12 lat jest podzielona na dwa obszary:

Presena Glacier, Trail n. 209

Trail n. 209 runs along the mule path through the mountains to the right of the Presena circle. Upon arriving with the lift there awaits the Paradiso Pass with its little lakes of limpid water and changing colors, where the sun and nature make their presence felt in full force. All is framed by a majesty typical of a glacier landscape. Gazing north one sees in all of its detached beauty the Ortles-Cevedale group, to the west, the crest of the flowery trail looms above us, and to the south is our destination: the glacier.
At the beginning of our path, after getting off the lift, one cannot help but pause to honor in silence the monument to the fallen of the First World War which stands as testimony to the soldiers' suffering in the surrounding mountains. We continues east and after about 25 minutes of easy walking, we reach a natural terrace that offers hikers a splendid view of the village of Vermiglio and of the upper Val di Sole that appear before our eyes with all their brilliant green.
After the last 15 minutes of walking in a rocky, morainal setting, we arrive at the Capanna Presena refuge, at the foot of the eponymous glacier, which forms part of the Adamello-Presenalla group, from here other glaciers jealously guard their secrets and at times their movements reveal to us past eras. From here you can admire the following peaks: Busazza (3322), Presena (3096), Corno Lago Scuro (3166), P.ta Castellaccio(3029), they form a backdrop against the sky.

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