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Strefa dla dzieci, przygotowana dla naszych najmłodszych gości do 12 lat jest podzielona na dwa obszary:

"Raseghe, Hunters' Lodge"

We suggest this hike to those wishing to have a peaceful walk in nature. The path is not too long; one reaches the destination in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
The departure is from the Tonale sports field, we take the “fitness” trail n. 281. Along this path you can stop at the various station to take advantage of the fitness equipment. Further on, it intersects with the road for cars which goes towards the Presena river bed and descends to Trail n.268 that leads to the “Raseghe”. The first stop is in this green area, where woodpeckers leave on the trees signs of their passage that then are exploited by other animals in an ingenious alimentary chain. We continue on the mule path from which begins the trail that will take us to the final destination. In few minutes' time we enter into a fairy take environment, where the river provides us with a break and forms small bends. Characteristic little footbridges alternate with the trail to bring us to the “hunters' lodge.” Once we've reached our goal, we immediately realize that we've arrived in a place with a unique micro-climate, in which flora and fauna follow rules unknown to us, and we're taken by the feeling of being integrated into nature and in some way take part in it.

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